Various script and non-script lettering I prodived for Waitress the musical.

  1. Waitress full page New York Times ad
  2. Waitress full page New York Times ad
  3. Waitress full newspaper ad
  4. Book cover
  5. Waitress front of house
  6. Waitress front of house
  7. Waitress front of house
  8. Waitress pie truck
  9. Waitress commercial props
  10. Waitress commercial props
  11. Waitress commercial props
  12. Waitress commercial


Lettering I provided for a various broadway shows for their advertising purposes.
  1. School of Rock temp logo
  2. School of Rock temp landing page
  3. Something Rotten
  4. Something Rotten
  5. Chicago the Musical billboard in Times Square
  6. Chicago the Musical on social media
  7. Chicago the Musical advertising in the theater district
  8. Chicago the Musical on TodayTix
  9. Comp for Bright Star
  10. Commercial for Heart and Lights
  11. Heart and Lights commercial prop variations